The link between childhood and the botanical world is crucial & should be preserved.

portrait of female artist {Alice}, smile, curly hair and glasses

{Alice} is a French-Australian interior decorator & board game designer turned artist.

She is exploring and celebrating childhood with her paintings, following the power of enthusiasm in children.

Her work is an engagement to preserve the link between childhood & the botanical world.

Her years living in the Australian Outback with her young children have become a reservoir of colours, ideas & shapes to play with, and inspire her practice everyday.

She is now based near Bordeaux, France, renovating an old country house in her spare time.

The Artist’s Studio.

At the edge of a village, behind a forest, passing through a veggie patch; full of aromatics and architectural plants, you will find Alice’s workshop.

Upon entering, old stones and old plaster on the walls give off a golden light, the ocher and scorched earth pigments reminiscent of the Australian Outback invite us into matte and engraved paintings.

The paintings represent figurative works and we get caught up in the details engraved in the wood, whose blondness contrasts with the ocher, and the depth created by dancing shadows.

This engraving does not always follow the grain of the wood, it weaves its way against the fibers, breaking them or pushing them away, revealing a determined gesture and leaving a line in its path, like a contorted life trail.

In the corners of the workshop, you may also find mechanically animated creatures of stones, wires and paper maps.

On an old heater sits a pile of black and white photographs of children and close-up scenes of life, to be used as drafts.

Small sets of drawers still hide wooden playing pieces for The Map Game of Australia.

Playing with plants and shadows, immersed in mineral red earth, an elegant harmony fills the studio.


Lauréat pour le prix de l’Icart 2023 à la galerie des Art’Gentiers, Bordeaux. Thème: Monstre-moi !

{En Silence, Alice}

« L’artiste explore notre relation précieuse mais destructrice avec la nature. Le positionnement de l’enfant, entouré par le monstre lui-même, pose la question de l’innocence et de la complicité dans la création de ce dernier. »

Pigments & wood engraving, 80 x 60 cm

Copyright 2023 © alicenuvillelegendre

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